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Brighan started this conversation

Accomplished Phi Theta Kappa pre-law student graduated from an American Bar Association approved college at Inver Hills Community College and Metropolitan State University. I am proficient in all areas related to the practice of pre-law for supporting legal staff and attorneys.

I am trained in multiple areas of pre-law; Criminal, Domestic Relations, Probate, Business, Contract, Real Estate, Constitution, Juvenile, Litigation, Civil, Family, Conciliation, and Landowner & Tenant Rights.

I am looking for help in employment and college tuition in St. Paul, MN. I want to help others within the local and global communities in helping myself to find my way to law school.

I have two children in need of support by their father to find work. I appreciate any attorneys in the Twin Cities to contact me at Please do not e-mail me ridiculous things, such as penis enhancement pills.

       My civic duty is defending human rights, and curbing overzealous, law enforcement practices. My legal education and the internship with the Ramsey County Public Defenders Office provide the tools for upholding constitutional rights for the accused and their victims. I went to Metropolitan State University to expand my knowledge of conscientious thinking for needy individuals. I can make a difference by communicating their civic responsibilities through the continuing criminal, procedural laws and social education. People must learn to correlate their behavior patterns together as a responsible, unified community.
       My lifelong social and legal education goals will benefit society as well as me. I created my Legal Advocacy & Criminal Justice Degree, and I want to apply it towards the disadvantaged population. Many people are ignorant of the laws, and nobody is above the law. There is no excusable defense of ignorance when law enforcement intrudes on civil liberties without society intervening. Americans must practice their liberties without the government’s interference of exaggerated fears about security and policy. For example, the Patriot Act is dividing America by eroding the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment rights. The present political environment is remindful of the fascist qualities of J. Edgar Hoover’s administration in the 1950s, and Hitler’s in 1930s Germany. People must remember the US Constitution is a contract among the federal government reserving the power of its citizens to govern their elected representatives.
       The political divisions among Americans and their policies give the elected representatives the misperceived power over their voters. For example, educated people must take the civic accountability and initiative for teaching the younger generations of the misguided nature of American pop culture. Unresolved social problems reveal itself as a negative act of aggression looking for direction, and the national consensus wants misguided juveniles treated as adults and imprisoned. This “Idea of shame” existed during the Dark Ages with negative results. Thus, responsible people active in local politics must address America’s problems for solutions by organizing and educating the community.    
        My participation in politics, law, and community development is my way of learning for completing my Individualized Bachelor Degree. For example, I like to share my experiences of the volunteer project, Save Our Streets. It is a creative, continuing, neighborhood initiative for reducing criminal nuisances in the residential, alleyway connected to Walfoort Liquor store. The project posted on the web page is the result of my educational experiences and vocational goals for helping the public. More information of this project is at with comments and information. I even took part in Campus Camp Wellstone to learn about political organizing and leadership skills. I am hoping to draw the attention of attorneys employing my search for leading a better community.
        In conclusion, I am working to improve my social position and the community where I live. I am realizing the positive reinforcement from the faculty and administration offering me the chance for success. The Legal Advocacy & Criminal Justice Degree will provide me the skills for reaching my financial, educational, and self-realization goals. Thank you.

Here is a link for the St. Paul's Eastside Rallies at

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Hi Brighan
Is there any good and effectful way you suggest to write a letter possibly to a judge from a parent in regards to probation consequences for a misdemeanor marijuana possession? He has completed three months of what was asked, with the violation of a positive thc violation. The po us not of any support. She doesn't speak or offer any advice or motivational support. Before going in front of the judge again in two days I am an advocate of a mother who believes in accountability and fair punishment that will not interfere withmy child as a junior in school and the dress of thisalone. An alternative to jdc was mentioned which seems steep. Granted he had to days of community service and an assessment to complete and a drug line daily to call. This line after two weeks was taken away from his responsibility due to the gbi closing shop on the company the county was using. Nothing else was put into place. Thursday will be here in two days and I was thinking about a letter because of the scare the po had on me when she mentioned a drug court for my newly 16 year-old. I would like my so. To be treated as an adolescent in need of tools and therapuetic motivation rather than a criminal. Please please help in any way. I continue to lo e encourage and support. He also is enrolled voluntarily in therapy. I want to offer him all tools. Sadly I still have a system that has helped break him and self asteem. I'm trying to trust it too and it is very hard. He is good kid good family good student. A pleasure. Smart. And loved. He's also a 16 year old child.
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 in response to deelores...   

Your question of What is also true leaves me wondering what is the question you are asking?

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is this also true for north carolina?

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Hey I got that same call!!! I'm not going now that I read your post. Thank you.

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 in response to Billy A...   

Your best bet is to click on the highlighted links to the FTC, the BBB, and the MN State Attorney General. These agencies keep files of all complaints and they watch for illegal activity.

The MN BBB only involve themselves in cases where money exchanged hands.

Mac, Inc. gets their phone referrals from other people duped into an illegal "chain referral marketing" scheme. 

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Billy A

You wrote that blog about Mac Inc? A woman called me from there yesterday.. I don't know how she got my number, but I was maybe gonna go if I wouldn't have read your blog. Should I call the MN BBB too? I would have heavily wasted time if I would have gone...

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comment to Brighan---Kuddos for the advice you gave to Blueice1274. Sometimes we moms need to view our actions through another perspective and you hit the nail on the head. I had similar problems with my girls and could have used the same advise, it is so true. We have to let our kids grow up and sometimes that means butt out. Thanks sheshe030

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Hi Brig,

How's everything going. Hope the kids are well. Thanks for all your resources and insight. They are great. if you ever need help with research, I'm glad to help.


Take care.

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 in response to Marlene...   

Thank you for asking, I have been trying to find work. The paralegal field is flooded with applicants for positions that require 3 years of experience or more.

The social gatekeeping devised by the powers that be  frustrate me with credit, background, and work history checks. It seems that the elite and those who know people in guarded positions will recieve any consideration for social and employment mobility in America today.

I volunteer with various non-profit organizations so I can build my resume.

In addition, I am aplying for any employment position whether it pertains to my goals or not. I am expecting my second child this September. I am flirting with the idea of selling Herbalife products from home.

Every other day I check this site to see if I can learn or contribute with other members.

I hope things are well with you in this economy. I just hope that whoever becomes president will reverse the damage that this presidential administration had caused.

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in response to...

I'm sorry that I did see your message until today.

I graduated with a BA in Legal Advocacy & Criminal Justice from Metropolitan State University on December 15, 2007.

Now I'm looking for work in the legal field with the lack of office experience, in which case people want to hire people with an average of three years legal experience. I'm hoping to find an internship with whomever so I may reach beyond the catch-22 situation.

Thank you for asking!

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