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Police harassment: This is a recent e-mail to me concerning police harassment-- Hello, So far I am

This is a recent e-mail to me concerning police harassment--


So far I am still dealing with a four-year-old in the house and full time work is hard to come by here in Minnesota. I have two degrees in criminal justice and paralegal, in which case I am not an attorney but should you need one I need more information from you.

However, without knowing your son’s name and birthdate I will not be able to look into the background history of your son without your help. All information is confidential between you and I. I need to know what State you live in because most States have court information online while other States you must obtain copies from the courthouse.

Different states have different laws and principles, but I am certain that if your son has to take any medication prescribed by a physician should have no bearing whether the police had probable cause to stop him or not. Quite honestly, if the police had several run ins with your son while he is running around with known criminals or drug dealer then the police are going to “suspect” that your son is also a criminal by association.

I had the same problem growing up in Albert Lea, MN and I moved to the Twin Cities to solve my problem. The change of scenery and meeting different people solved my problem. If you live in a small town then I suggest for your son to move away where he is not the bread and butter for the justice system there. Another way to deal with this is to file a formal complaint with the police citizens review board or other police review board in your area, and/or contact the public defenders office for help.

The sad fact is that it is very difficult to discredit a police officer while in office hiding behind his or her “shield.” In which case, you may have to file a civil lawsuit against the police officers involved with your son’s harassment. The burden of proof can be shown by the preponderance of the evidence you collected. Be sure that you get copies of all arrest reports, police notes, or whatever shows up.

In addition, I found this article published on

How Can I Stop the Police From Harassing Me?

Hans Fredrick
Hans Fredrick has been busy in the online writing world since 2005. He has written on diverse topics ranging from career advice for actors to tips for motorcycle maintenance. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Saskatchewan.

By Hans Fredrick, eHow Contributor
Most police have good intentions, but there are exceptions. Unjustified harassment from the police is a frightening and unsettling experience. It is important that people know what their rights are when it comes to dealing with the police. Ultimately, police are trying to do a job and keep the general populace safe, however, at times they go beyond the boundaries of their job and conduct harassing behavior. If you feel like you are being harassed by the police, you have to become active in trying to stop it.


Learn your rights. Contact the local police department and ask them what rights you have when dealing with a police officer. For example, in most instances you have the right to ask for identification and the officer's name. This provides you with some security in the case of harassment. You also cannot be interrogated without the option of having a lawyer present. If a police officer tries to intimidate you into thinking otherwise, you may be a victim of police harassment.

File a formal complaint with the local police department. Visit the website for the local police department and check the section regarding police complaints, or the frequently asked questions portion of the website. Follow the procedures for how to contact the department to file a complaint.

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Lookup Public Records
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Document everything. Note any dates when you are contacted by the police and document what was said to you during that time. Keep records of written communication between the police and yourself. The more diligent you are about documentation, the stronger a case you will have.

Contact a lawyer. When dealing with the police it can be difficult to know what your rights are, because obviously those harassing you are not going to want to help you. Seek professional legal advice from someone qualified to inform you of what your options are regarding further harassment.

Press formal charges. If police are harassing you, and your legal counsel confirms to you that they are breaking the law, then you should have your lawyer press formal charges against the officers in question. Police have laws that they have to follow to, and people should stand up and hold them accountable if those laws are broken.

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Police Procedures Expert
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Tips & Warnings
Don't get angry with police who appear to be harassing you. If you are perceived as threatening the police in any way, they will be free to charge you and you will be found in the wrong. If you appear to be resisting or angry, they will also be within their rights to physically subdue you. It will be much harder to enforce any charges or complaints after such an occurrence.

Read more: How Can I Stop the Police From Harassing Me? |

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New Minnesota Tenant Bill of Rights Beginning August 1, 2010.

            New Minnesota Laws

Tenant Bill of Rights
New Laws You Need to Know!
(2010 Minnesota Laws, Chapter 315)

Beginning on August 1, 2010:

  • If your rental home is foreclosed, you can live in your home for whichever is longer:
  1. as long as your lease allows
  2. for 90 days after the last day your landlord can pay back their debt and reclaim the home.
  • If you pay your rent in cash, your landlord must give you a receipt.  If you pay rent by money order, you can use its stub or a copy of it as proof that you paid.
  • Landlords must give you criteria for their rental applications and look at applications one at a time and in the order received. Your application fee must be refunded if a landlord denies you housing for a reason that is not in their application criteria.
  • If you lie on your rental application, you could be fined over $500.
  • Landlords who do not divide utilities fairly have to refund you whichever is more:
  1. $500
  2. triple the damages to you
  • If a landlord refuses to return your security deposit in bad faith, you can now get up to $500 in addition to double the security deposit.
  • Landlords have to keep abandoned property for 28 days (no longer 60 days).  If they throw out the property before 28 days are up, they have to pay you whichever is more:
  1. $1000
  2. triple the damages

For leases starting after January 1, 2011:

  • You cannot be charged more than 8% of your rent for late fees unless there is differing federal law – typically the case in Public, HUD, or RD housing (that could charge more or less).

Beginning on August 1, 2011 for new leases and August 1, 2012 for renewed leases:

  • If the landlord’s lease allows them to get attorney fees for winning in court, so could you.

Please contact HOME Line if you would like hard copies of this information for distribution to Minnesota renters (on card-stock in bookmark format)


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Talk to Brighan
Brighan   in reply to Brighan   on

The Stigma and Discrimination of Ex-offenders in Modern Society.

 in response to Former Felon...   

You are right that employers fear liability when it comes to hiring ex-offenders. In Minnesota, it is now illegal for employers to ask anyone if they committed a crime on the job application, so there is a chance for a job interview at least.

Collatteral damages from "lifelong sentences" are a fact among job seeking competition, especially when illegal aliens are snatching up any available jobs.

In addition, in Minnesota, 1 in 7 people are criminals due to the fact DWI's are criminal acts. In some states, like Wisconson, DWI's are civil offense.

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Brighan   in reply to Brighan   on

Multi-Level Marketing: Is it legit or a pyramid scheme?


I got the following e-mail after I posted ads on Craig's List. Would you think that if you are in a business for yourself that you would know how to post ads on Craig's List?


CRC Group wants people to post ads for them on Craig's List and other hoops to jump through, which I can smell a tightrope scam!

The problem is CRC Group, Inc. dissolved in Illinois years ago. Second, the law for arbitration is held in Nevada for any disputes. Third, workers are strewn all over the country with phone numbers not belonging to the stated personell, etc.

In addition, the BBB rates the company with a "B" rating because they have no contact or reports about the company. The Agent for the business list a Mr. patrick Egan at (815) 439-1549.

I urge caution for any person who wants to lose out on $80.00 or more, including the $2.95 for the free seven day trial for e-mail software.




My name is Greg Sutherson and I just came across your ad on Craigslist. I own an advertising company and we would like to offer you $1500 for posting a couple ads each day on Craigslist for our company. We are currently overwhelmed with work and would like to outsource some of it to qualified people who can successfully post ads on Craigslist, and since you have a quality ad that we found, we would like to offer you this position.

This is just part-time work, so you don't need to quit your current job or rearrange your schedule. All you need to do is post 2 or 3 ads a day for us, depending on what our clients need. It only will take 15 minutes to do each day, and will last for about 4 or 5 days. Since you already know how to post an ad on Craigslist, this should be really easy for you to do, and we would be happy to have you work for us. We just need to get caught up with our clients' ads, as we are extremely back-logged.  However, depending how well you do, this could turn into a full-time position where you could work from home for us.

If you plan to participate then the following needs to be done:

1) You must fill out the following short form to receive your home income ad posting kit: CLICK HERE FOR THE FORM  The kit is completely free, since you can use the free trial option that we put into place for this project. Depending on your location, there may be a slight activation fee. However, this charge will be reimbursed to you when you receive your paycheck. (i.e., instead of $1500 you will receive $1502.97).

2) After you submitted your order for the free trial, please email us back with your name and confirmation number.

3) We will then contact you back with your first 2 ads that need to be posted on Craigslist for our clients. The ads are just promoting their businesses and services (typically car dealerships, appliance stores, restaurants, etc...), but once again, we have so many clients that we are getting swamped and we need help catching up.

* Spots are filling up quickly, so to reserve your spot, get your free trial ASAP. We are literally being contacted by a dozen people each hour. At the end of the 5 days, we will send you a check to the address we have on file for you. Unfortunately we cannot pay in advance due to people taking advantage of our free kit and compensation thereafter. However, if you can order your free kit and would like to schedule a phone conversation, I may be able to pay half up front and the other half after the work is completed. But once again, we would need to be able to have a phone conversation so I can verify your intentions of working with us.

Greg Sutherson

President, Founder

CRC Group, Inc.

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This email was sent by
Stevenson-CRC | 2741 Novi Rd | Novi | MI | 48374
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National Night Out 2010 in East side St. Paul, MN


Thank you to all volunteers and contributors for your participation at the National Night Out 2010 event hosted by the American Legion Post 577 and 474, the Polish –American Club, and other community organizations.


Your contributions and services propelled our neighborhood block party to new heights with an attendance up to 280 people this year. We hope to invite you to join us again next year and make National Night Out in our neighborhood a continuing annual event.


  The National Night Out 2010 event is a nonprofit community event. Last year, the American Legion Post #577 held its first National Night Out event with a surprising attendance of over 250 residents. We met last years attendance with more people showing up and failing to register our guest book although many of them were children.

We celebrated the diversity of cultures in the neighborhood, which I had hoped to have the Hmong people come out of their ethnocentric cultures and meet their neighbors for community solidarity. The East side neighborhood can flourish when the people finally meet and know one another, which reduces crime. 

We had many Games that included a Fishing game, pop ring toss, sucker tree, Twister, duck pond, and a Dunk tank.

We hosted excellent entertainment only by personal experience a person could enjoy that includes:

Acoustical Music and Songs by Randy Burger, Woodville, WI, out MySpace for further details;

Back to Back with Diamond-Mac (Neil Diamond and Stevie Nicks Tributes) Stewartville, MN --fantastic likeness of Neil Diamond and Fleetwood Mac. (612) 876-1094 or (507) 319-1094
--Audio produced by Tom Hilber dba Sober Rose Productions, St. Paul, MN--Tom also plays in a band that is available for bookings. (651) 491-6286 

       "Brighan", Son of the American Legion Post #577


        Metropolitan State Alumni, 2007    


Talk to Brighan
Brighan   in reply to Brighan   on

The Fourth Amendment Rights and Terry Stops: The Disadvantages of Socio-economic Strained Neighborhoods

If you must file a complaint against a police officer who chooses to falsify police reports or other types of police misconduct, please call the Minnesota POST Board at (651) 643-3060 or the local POST Board for Police Training. Be prepared to run through a Merry-go Around.

Talk to Brighan
Brighan   in reply to Brighan   on


 in response to deelores...   

Your question of What is also true leaves me wondering what is the question you are asking?

Talk to Brighan

National Night Out Gathering

National Night Out--Cookout                                                    

Tuesday, Aug 4, 2009                                         

5:00—9:00 PM                          

American Legion, Post #577         

Location: 1129 Arcade St, St. Paul, MN 55106     Phone: (651) 771-8778  

Thanks to all the people who made the National Night out 2009 a great success.

We had an attendance over 350 people who enjoyed a live singing performance by Angela Steele, snow cones, popcorn, treats, and all the hot dogs and  hamburgers we could muster.


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Brighan   in reply to Brighan   on

Multi-Level Marketing: Is it legit or a pyramid scheme?

 in response to Kim RN...   

To me, Symmetry is not anything more than common sense and overpriced products for sale.

Red flags should always arise when you wonder why do I need to sell pomegranate juice loaded with every known vitamin and mineral for $70.00 as a start up kit.

Minnesota law forbids chain level marketing, in which case my opinion is that Symmetry thinks they can operate as a direct marketing company. Symmetry asks new customers to buy products--Legal.

However, once Symmetry asks you if you would like to start a business for yourself and kicking back any type of fees, income, or mandatory product purchases--illegal.

No matter the outcome, Symmetry will gain new call contacts with your references and people you bring into the organization when you show up at the first "Job Interview" to "help people in the health and Wellness industry."

Be wary!

Genesis was reported to contain:

Apple juice, aloe vera juice, whole fruit grape extract and whole fruit pomegranate extract infused with barley grass, cinnamon bark, coriander leaf, coriander seed, cucumber, fig fruit..etc..


Talk to Brighan
Brighan   in reply to Brighan   on

Eroding the Bill of Rights Fourth Amendment

 in response to Sick & Tired...   

It is true that absolute power corrupts absolutely. You can buy your freedom if you could afford to defend yourself. However, legal aid has only so much money to defend the hundreds of people needing legal representation.

The freedoms and liberties our American forefathers dreamed about have long changed and reflected as distorted truth from a political fun house mirror.

This is why getting involved with your local politics is your last option.


Talk to Brighan
Brighan   in reply to Brighan   on

Multi-Level Marketing: Is it legit or a pyramid scheme?

 in response to Strange phone call....   

You stated that the man replied--"so you would rather work there than in health care? You don't want to work within your major and make more money?"

Right there is a big red flag that should warn you that deception is in play. You should click on the links on the Aidpage and file a complaint with the BBB, The FTC, and the Minnesota Secretary of State.

The reason Mac, Inc. keeps on getting away with their business practice is because hardly anyone takes the time to alert the authorities.

You should have told him to take your name off of the contact list because someone else will call back within one year to try you out again and get names of other people.


Talk to Brighan
Brighan   in reply to Brighan   on

Multi-Level Marketing: Is it legit or a pyramid scheme?

 in response to Strange phone call......   

You are repeating exactly what I went through with these people working at Mac, Inc.

The road is a frontage Northern road off of the Highway in a small business area in New Brighton.

Do you really feel that this is a scam of sorts? If so, then I suggest you call or write the BBB, the Minnesota Secretary of State, and the FTC to file a complaint about the "employment opportunity" Mac, Inc. offered to you to come in for an "Interview."

In my opinion, Mac, Inc. operates under dubious business practices to lure desparate people to sell or buy nutritional supplements under an illegal chain-referral marketing scheme.

Contact a business attorney to answer your business questions about Mac, Inc.

In addition, tell Mac to remove you from their contact list if you are not interested.


Talk to Brighan
Brighan   in reply to Brighan   on

Multi-Level Marketing: Is it legit or a pyramid scheme?

 in response to Bai...   

I've been to that address, in which case it is a small brick building that houses other businesses that includes Mac, Inc. The new address is right next door. The phone number you gave--651-636-6018--belongs to Casandra Beeman. The phone number is a business landline provided by Quest.

I'm just surprised the BBB or any other agency hasn't done anything yet to this company. The BBB sent Mac, Inc. a letter for the comapny to answer, but Mac, Inc. did not respond to the BBB.

Be very wary about this company, but go if you feel that you might gain some more insight to what I already posted here.

Report any illegal activity or just ask questions to any one of the regulatory agencys.


Talk to Brighan
Brighan   in reply to Brighan   on


 in response to Billy A...   

Your best bet is to click on the highlighted links to the FTC, the BBB, and the MN State Attorney General. These agencies keep files of all complaints and they watch for illegal activity.

The MN BBB only involve themselves in cases where money exchanged hands.

Mac, Inc. gets their phone referrals from other people duped into an illegal "chain referral marketing" scheme. 

Talk to Brighan
Brighan   in reply to misplaced family   on

i bought a meth house

You don't need to pay for anything!

Contact a lawyer because when you bought your house the seller should have disclosed the truth in housing disclosure.

You can void the contract for your purchase of the house and the responsible parties to clean up the house. Unfortunately, everything in the house has to be gutted out because of the contaminates.

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Brighan   in reply to SysBot   on

What's on your heart and mind today?

Thank God that Bush is out of office, in which case a new light is shining through the crack of darkness.

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Brighan   in reply to SysBot   on

What's on your heart and mind today?

 in response to Anonymous40784...   

I think he will not answer your question for the fact that--The Fourth Amendment does not protect the property of foreign nationals and nonresident aliens. 

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Brighan   in reply to SysBot   on

What's on your heart and mind today?

 in response to illusionarybryan...   

This is the last time I will speak to you about your ignorance.

I hold an AS Paralegal and an BA in Legal Advocacy & Criminal Justice. Your concept of American law stretches my imagination that you do not have a clue unless you also took pre-law or currently working as a licensed attorney.

Please, go to my Aidpage and read the two blog posts--The Eroding of Our Fourth Amendment Right--and the blog, The Fourth Amendment Rights and Terry Stops.

I see that you are 44 years of age and I am 41. So how is a few years different qualify you to say that you know more than myself?

True, I am trying to reason with someone who is clearly trying to serve themselves by making others frustrated for your own ignorance. For this, I am sorry for you but you need to find other ways to vent your beliefs. Try writing letters to the editor.

Talk to Brighan
Brighan   in reply to SysBot   on

What's on your heart and mind today?

 in response to illusionarybryan...   

I see you are the master of your own fate.

Congress controls the taxing and spending while the US Supreme Court interprets the Constitution.

I cannot argue with someone who has a strong position, in which case use your knowledge to help yourself rather than to pick arguements with other people.

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Brighan   in reply to victoriaplaceo   on

Personal Changes after Rape

The safest way to find information on the Internet would be at a local library or a friend's house.

Call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233), TDD 1-800-787-3224. The DOJ Office of Crime Victim Services has many links to help domestic victims.

Here, in Minnesota, contact this link for help. I am sorry for your experiences while I learned victimology in college, in which case search my Aidpage blogs for more answers.

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